Beware Bank details by email - always check by phone before you make a payment

It has recently come to my attention via a good friend who has regretfully been victim of the latest email scams

It appears that there is now software which can intercept a legitimate emails, change the contents, and then send it on its way

There is no way that you have any indication that this has happened

We would recommend the following as good practice in the event that someone is sending you their bank details for the first time or an existing payee has emailed you to advise you of a change in their bank details that you should a) telephone the appropriate person from the sender and validate the information verbally and/or b) ask them to confirm this to you in writing by post

Remember – if you send money to an fraudsters account there is a strong possibility that a) you will never get it back again and b) you won’t be insured for it


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