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Turning Point Investments (TPI) principally works with SME businesses in the East Midlands requiring financial and/or managerial support to achieve their business plan objectives to help them achieve their longer term high growth potential.

In the current economic conditions we are specifically keen on focussing on fundamentally sound business models which are cash constrained requiring further investment with a view to preserving jobs now whilst providing a platform for business growth as conditions improve to realise the business potential.

TPI endeavours to secure investment funds in partnership with individuals together with banks, businesses, and other local support agencies and professional advisers.

In addition to standard due diligence work, applicant businesses are required to pitch to an investment panel, similar to Dragons Den but without the obvious added stress for the potential investee that comes with the requirements of making an entertainment show for television! Importantly though this is a good opportunity for investors to have a good look at the management and vice-versa as successful investments are generally those with a strong two way relationship.

Pitches are expected to be precise with transparent clarity of their current trading position together with a clear 5 year business plan to demonstrate long term profitable growth post investment – TPI will normally have met with the businesses and ensured that the presentations are suitably robust for investor interrogation in order to be able to determine clear decisions.

TPI does not offer investment advice – prospective investors are entering in to private equity investments which carry their own individual opportunities for reward as well as risk. Investors are also invited to undertake their own due diligence either as individuals or as part of Turning Point Investments LLP.

TPI works with investors who have both successful commercial experience and capital to invest – there are often opportunities for investors to both take equity stakes together with some form of management input either as a non-executive or consultant.

Ultimately TPI, together with its partners and investors, seeks to identify companies with potential and to realise growth in shareholder value.

Investment Profiles

SME businesses seeking growth requiring either cash injection and/or professional/managerial expertise.

SME businesses which are affected by the current economic conditions requiring either cash injection and/or professional/managerial expertise with the intention of preventing business failure with the resultant loss of jobs and at the same time nurturing either the core or salvageable parts of the business to enable profitable growth as the conditions improve.

Applicant businesses must be able to demonstrate that there is an investable future – in essence this is a Dragons Den opportunity for businesses whose future prospects might not be realised due either to lack of investment to fund growth or due to the risk of short term failure without the injection of either financial and/or managerial expertise.


TPI would be interested to hear from any potential investors with a minimum £100k who would like to be part of a team of like-minded individuals with a view to making a positive contribution to investee businesses as part of an investment portfolio promising medium to longer term growth. Investors are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they wish – there are opportunities to operate as part of the ‘Investment Panel’, involvement in due diligence, as a prospective Non-Exec or Consultant, or simply as an ‘arms length’ investor managing your own portfolio.

TPI networks within the local business community to include banks, accountants, lawyers, and other advisory bodies to help identify target businesses meeting the core criteria. It is anticipated that the majority of target businesses will already be trading however we would also be keen to explore opportunities with start up entities which offer genuine profit opportunities whilst meeting the required financial criteria of the investment panel.