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While some people speculate that taxes optimization is the same as the tax evasion, we cannot disagree more strongly! All of the accounting, auditing, and taxation optimization services that we offer are law-proof, absolutely legal and are practiced every day by thousands of US businesses and wealthy individuals!

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In our understanding, a level field means that if some big transnational corporations or government agencies know about certain taxation workarounds (which are legally sound) and pay a fairer share of their taxes, why can’t anyone else too? We’re leveling the field for everyone by letting you or your company to pay a…

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Be sure that each single member of our team is a distinguished graduate of an Ivy League school and a diligent and smart fiscal magic strategist! We’ve been helping individuals and businesses in their commercial ventures for more than 30 years. To date, we have earned many famous people…

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We have set up to focus on helping SME’s both put their accounts together and help them understand them fully – we have run businesses and know the joys and challenges first hand of running your own business – we have the experience and expertise to both manage all your accountancy needs and offer practical business advice – we can do this for on a best value basis too. Good accounting is the foundation for good business.

When you run a regular, for-income type of a business you may think that the burden of taxing and other fiscal regulations imposed is simply

Auditing is what no one likes, but all companies at some point do need… We’re here to offer you the most unbiased financial & tax

If you’re a US-based company doing business abroad, we’ll be more than happy to advise you on the best taxation solutions available in any given

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