We were introduced to Turning Point Investments through our lawyers as potential investors. The investment process was very thorough and Tom Mawhood visited the company and went through in full detail prior to confirming our suitability to meet their Investment Committee.

The Investment Committee was something along the lines of Dragons Den but we were impressed by the quality of the individuals, their questioning, and their commercial approach.

TP were quick to respond as they promised they would be and thankfully for us this culminated in an initial offer, which, after a couple of really useful meetings, we were able to agree the detail and progress to lawyers.

The Due Diligence process was thorough, professional, and conducted from a commercial perspective. In addition to the standard disclosures this also involved Tom Mawhood spending a couple of days on site and working through our systems and procedures against which a report was prepared for discussion with both the investors and ourselves.

We finally completed our investment on 31 July and would have no hesitation in recommending businesses looking for financial investment to Turning Point and we are now looking forward to a successful future with our new partners.

BPR Medical Ltd Managing Director Richard Radford BPR Medical Limited