We initially contacted Turning Point early 2009 in the midst of ongoing cash flow problems to explore the possibility of some Third Party investment. From the off Tom and I got on well, and he was able to steer us to a point where we could structure a clear strategic plan forward and then structured the financial projections to support this such that we could review the various financing options available to us including third party private equity investment.

As well as helping achieve an urgent overdraft extension at the end of March, he arranged for us to meet the Turning Point Investments LLP team and after a series of meetings we secured the offer of investment and investor help  – although in the end, for personal reasons, we eventually decided not to proceed. Tom’s input overall was invaluable – he went the extra mile to make sure that we understood our options, and arranged a series of contacts to help galvanise them.

Morholt Ltd Director Steve Holt Morholt Ltd